OUT NOW on RDS REC HH — the »DESPERATIO MMXIX«, »TERRA MMXIX«, »VENENUM« & »NPFO« Super 8 and Hi8 visuals combined with their original recordings on a video home system cassette — no filters, no mastering.
Limited to 30 copies, it comes in a gorgeous hand-folded and hand-numbered cardboard box for which the very talented Rezy Illustration contributed the main illustration.
It contains a black labeled VHS, stickers, and a code for an exclusive non-public VHS rip stream.
Get it from RDS REC HH or from next week on in selected shops — we will keep you updated on this.


Didn’t expect to write those things down in MMXXI but we have three shows planned till the end of the year. Beside the multiple times postponed festival shows at Bruital Furore and Borsig Amp Fest in October we are happy to announce that we will be part of the Kultursommer Hamburg which takes place from July 15th to August 16th. The fine people of Galerie Pfund & Dollar asked us to perform on August 13th with both awesome Kskefk and Norfeu — we are really looking forward to this!


This idea has been haunting us for a longer time — the »DESPERATIO MMXIX«, »TERRA MMXIX«, »VENENUM« & »NPFO« Super 8 and Hi8 visuals combined with their original recordings on a video home system cassette — no filters, no mastering. Teaming up with the great folks of RDS Rec. HH we will release it later this year — coming in a gorgeous diy cover box for which the heavy talented Rezy Illustration contributed the main artwork. We cannot wait to show you.


We are contributing a title named »LIBERATIO« exclusively to a compilation of yet-unreleased tracks from Noiseberg musicians and organisers trying to pay Germany’s GEMA who charged Noiseberg with the amount of EUR 713.73.

Noiseberg has been (and hopefully will be again) a series of weekly noise/drone/experimental music live sessions, where both local and touring musicians met with music amateurs to present new pieces, work in progress, new collaborations. They took place every Sunday afternoon at Atelier Äuglein in Berlin Kreuzberg.

It is being released today, November 6 — which is also a Bandcamp “no-fee-day” and coincides with the deadline for the GEMA bill.

Go to Noiseberg’s Bandcamp and help the super nice and truely music-dedicated folks of Noiseberg to pay the debt.

You’ll get seventeen exclusive tracks by Agente Costura, Diane Barbé, Fausto Maijstral, Lahestan, Laure Boer, Laurence Wasser, Noisette, Päfgens, René Huthwelker, Saiko Ryusui, Sn(50), The Next Christina Aguilera, Thea Soti, Tom Malmendier, TTT, Vamilienfa†er & us.


Together they are one but can stand for themself too. An octave up/down with smooth blend controls, going into a combo pedal made out of a modded germanium Fuzz Face and a classical Rat with the original LM308 chip. This is a one of a kind pedal made for our friend José of Bombrec Recording who recorded our project »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX«. Thank you for all your help!


»VENENUM« — an experimental isolation project. We created the audio and video track separately without knowing what the end result will be. The merging of both parts was the final step. Audio designed by K. with home recorded analog DIY effects and bass only. Video designed by N. with our own digitalized Super 8 material and no filters.


This is the ISOLATION version of »DESPERATIO« with resources of the extremely inspiring artists THOU, VENNART and XIU XIU. Thank you for taking part in this project and sharing your art with us! Original Super 8 video and »DESPERATIO« track by Tremor Hex.

ISOLATE/CREATE is a free resource providing creatives with digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, all while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping flatten the curve during the Covid-19 crisis. Stay at home and make something cool. All for the greater good of stopping the literal apocalypse.”



The first 8 minutes and 28 seconds of our set from Noiseberg #90 are up on NB’s YouTube channel. After the calm part of »IGNIS« unfortunately the camera ran out of battery. Many thanks again to the fine NB people for inviting us and to Ew, The Dancer, Noisette + Dimitri Cacouris & Luke Swenson, Mythogeosonics and Dullmea for their inspiring performances.