Together they are one but can stand for themself too. An octave up/down with smooth blend controls, going into a combo pedal made out of a modded germanium Fuzz Face and a classical Rat with the original LM308 chip. This is a one of a kind pedal made for our friend José of Bombrec Recording who recorded our project »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX«. Thank you for all your help!


TH/FX THE HERETIC Ultra Distortion — made with two Proco Rat clone PCBs by PCB Guitar Mania. One build as close as possible to the original including the LM308 chip and another one build as a Turbo Rat with a switch to change between three diode modes also including the LM308 chip. The distortion circuit is boosted by an LPB1 Booster clone made with a PCB by Moonn Electronics aka TRIEBE. The distortion is followed by an optionally engaged Mad Blue Delay circuit to give it an overall extremly haunting sound. All in all there are 4 PCBs, 11 potentiometers, 1 switch, 2 footswitches and one massive, fine sanded 1590DD enclosure with a medieval themed waterslide decal design. A demo video will follow.


TH/FX SUDDEN DEAF — A Suboctaver made with the TH Custom Effects U-Boat PCB. Circuit made by Merlin Blencowe. One pot for mixing in the suboctave, one tracking pot for different pickups and one switch to change between smooth or synth sound, like the Boss OC-2 and EH Octave Multiplexer. The design is etched in an aluminium 1590B enclosure.

TH/FX EVEN DEAFER — A simple LPB-1 Booster clone, powered by a 2N5088 transistor. Mini-PCB by fellow DIY builder Moonn Electronics aka TRIEBE. Powder coated 1590B enclosure with waterslide decal.