OUT NOW on RDS REC HH — the »DESPERATIO MMXIX«, »TERRA MMXIX«, »VENENUM« & »NPFO« Super 8 and Hi8 visuals combined with their original recordings on a video home system cassette — no filters, no mastering.
Limited to 30 copies, it comes in a gorgeous hand-folded and hand-numbered cardboard box for which the very talented Rezy Illustration contributed the main illustration.
It contains a black labeled VHS, stickers, and a code for an exclusive non-public VHS rip stream.
Get it from RDS REC HH or from next week on in selected shops — we will keep you updated on this.


This is the audio part of the project »DESPERATIO/TERRA« which combines Super 8 and Hi8 visuals with massive bass and guitar driven soundscapes to create an encompassing audiovisual experience loaded with strong political content. The focus is clearly anti-fascist and anti-nationalist. This MMXIX version of »DESPERATIO/TERRA« was recorded in the rehearsal space of Tremor Hex in autumn MMXIX by José of Bombrec Recording Studio and will be adapted whenever »DESPERATIO/TERRA« is going to be performed live. Stream it now on Bandcamp.

Limited to 30 copies the »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX« cassette comes in a hand-folded and hand-numbered cardboard sleeve which contains a black tape with both »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX« tracks, an info folder, two stickers and a download code. Get it from March 13th on our Bandcamp.