Together they are one but can stand for themself too. An octave up/down with smooth blend controls, going into a combo pedal made out of a modded germanium Fuzz Face and a classical Rat with the original LM308 chip. This is a one of a kind pedal made for our friend José of Bombrec Recording who recorded our project »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX«. Thank you for all your help!


»VENENUM« — an experimental isolation project. We created the audio and video track separately without knowing what the end result will be. The merging of both parts was the final step. Audio designed by K. with home recorded analog DIY effects and bass only. Video designed by N. with our own digitalized Super 8 material and no filters.


This is the ISOLATION version of »DESPERATIO« with resources of the extremely inspiring artists THOU, VENNART and XIU XIU. Thank you for taking part in this project and sharing your art with us! Original Super 8 video and »DESPERATIO« track by Tremor Hex.

ISOLATE/CREATE is a free resource providing creatives with digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, all while still practicing responsible social distancing and helping flatten the curve during the Covid-19 crisis. Stay at home and make something cool. All for the greater good of stopping the literal apocalypse.”



The first 8 minutes and 28 seconds of our set from Noiseberg #90 are up on NB’s YouTube channel. After the calm part of »IGNIS« unfortunately the camera ran out of battery. Many thanks again to the fine NB people for inviting us and to Ew, The Dancer, Noisette + Dimitri Cacouris & Luke Swenson, Mythogeosonics and Dullmea for their inspiring performances.


This is the audio part of the project »DESPERATIO/TERRA« which combines Super 8 and Hi8 visuals with massive bass and guitar driven soundscapes to create an encompassing audiovisual experience loaded with strong political content. The focus is clearly anti-fascist and anti-nationalist. This MMXIX version of »DESPERATIO/TERRA« was recorded in the rehearsal space of Tremor Hex in autumn MMXIX by José of Bombrec Recording Studio and will be adapted whenever »DESPERATIO/TERRA« is going to be performed live. Stream it now on Bandcamp.

Limited to 30 copies the »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX« cassette comes in a hand-folded and hand-numbered cardboard sleeve which contains a black tape with both »DESPERATIO/TERRA MMXIX« tracks, an info folder, two stickers and a download code. Get it from March 13th on our Bandcamp.


TH/FX THE HERETIC Ultra Distortion — made with two Proco Rat clone PCBs by PCB Guitar Mania. One build as close as possible to the original including the LM308 chip and another one build as a Turbo Rat with a switch to change between three diode modes also including the LM308 chip. The distortion circuit is boosted by an LPB1 Booster clone made with a PCB by Moonn Electronics aka TRIEBE. The distortion is followed by an optionally engaged Mad Blue Delay circuit to give it an overall extremly haunting sound. All in all there are 4 PCBs, 11 potentiometers, 1 switch, 2 footswitches and one massive, fine sanded 1590DD enclosure with a medieval themed waterslide decal design. A demo video will follow.